Shed with log store

The description of the 4 x 3 shed with log store has been updated to highlight that the long roof panel can be switched, so the log store can be added to the left of the shed, as well as the right side, like in the photo.

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Gardening Christmas gifts

Gardenis has a new range of gift products, suitable for Christmas, all of which feature a French botanical illustration  from the Victorian era. The products are a white mug, natural tote shopping bag and a women's T-shirt, (sizes small to XXL). The four prints to choose from are; Strawberry, Carrot, Cornflower and Poppy. UK delivery is included and for just £3 extra they can be sent worldwide. An ideal Christmas gift for gardening and allotment enthusiasts. They can be ordered in the Gardening Gift category.

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Sheds for small gardens

The best shed we sell for small gardens, or outdoor spaces, such as courtyards, terrace backyards etc is the 4ft x 3ft base. This is big enough for storing a few garden chairs, compost bags etc. It is £199 including delivery. The next size up from this one is 6ft x 4ft. Still small enough for gardens with limited space, but has more storage space. The 6ft x 4ft size shed is available in either standard, with a window, or as a windowless security shed. All three shed can be ordered in the garden buildings section.

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Wooden planters for decking

Gardenis has a range of quality wooden planters ideal for decking areas. There is raised bed planters, trellis planters and square and rectangle planters. All can transform a bare decking, once filled with plants. Here is a video with examples. You can order in the planters category.


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Gravel for drives

850kg bulk bags of gravel for drives, paths, rock gardens. Various types to suit different properties. View this video which shows some of the choices. UK mainland delivery included.* Also available grit, and decorative slate. To order go to the landscaping category.


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Edible Herbs for Planters

Planters are perfect for growing a range of edible herbs right next to your kitchen door, so they can be freshly picked and added to your recipes. Here are a few ideas for herbs that can be grown in planters.

Rosemary - Native to Mediterranean countries, Rosemary is very drought tolerant and is used to flavour roast Lamb.

Thyme - Like Rosemary, native to the Mediterranean, robust and can grow in British gardens, requiring very little water. It can also be used to marinade Lamb.

Chives - Very easy to grow. They can be grown from seed or a division from a clump already growing. Cut the stems with scissors. Chop the stems to add to dips or a baked potato with butter. If the flowers are allowed to grow, then these are also edible and can be added to salads or as plate decoration.

Mint - Mint can be invasive and compete with other herbs in the planter. One way to contain it, and stop it from taking over, is to keep it planted in a plant pot and add to the compost. This will prevent the roots from spreading. Mint sauce is a popular condiment with a roast lamb dinner. But is nice even with a vegetarian nut roast, or other types of meat. Sprigs of mint can be added to hot water to make a mint tea, or added to cocktails.

Chamomile - This plant has attractive daisy like flowers and can be cut and added to hot water to make a tea. It is traditionally used to calm anxiety.


Picture above, is a barrel planter, perfect for a mini kitchen herb garden. £159 including UK mainland delivery. To see and order other suitable planters see HERE.




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Shed for the Allotment

The 4 x 3 wooden shed is an ideal for the allotment, as it is windowless for extra security, and just big enough to store a few garden tools, without it taking up much space. You can get it delivered to your home, then take it to the allotment in a transit van. Two people should be able to carry the various sections to where it is going to be located. £199 including UK mainland delivery. More details and order HERE
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