Solar pond fountains available now

The solar water features became unavailable in the first lockdown of 2020 and remained so for all of the year, which was a great shame as they were always popular with customers.The good news is they are now available again. There is the following sizes available - 200 litre, 300 litre, 400 litre, 600 litre and 800 litre. All of them create a relaxing fountain in garden ponds, and have batteries that are charged by the sun during the day and can be used to work the pump at night. They also have LED illumination, which light up the fountain when it is dark. All can be viewed in the pond and water feature section.

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If you order a product from in March and then email a picture or short video clip 30 seconds to 2 minutes long of the product in place fully working or in place with your order details, that can be used on the product page as a customer image/video and on social media pages you can get a cashback refund of £5 for a photo and £10 for a video.

1. Do not feature any people in the photo.

2. The product image or video must be of the product in its finished state. eg. A medium preformed pond - the image / video should be of it in its hole with aquatic plants around it, not just a photo of it on the grass in your garden. A shed should be completed, not just in flat pack state on the patio.

Simply send your image or video to and once accepted, the cashback will be sent to you.

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Frogs, Toads and Newts Now Looking for Spring Pond Homes!

Dark now an hour later than Christmas Day, snowdrops beginning to emerge in the next couple of weeks, is an early sign the spring season is slowly approaching. All our amphibian friends; frogs, toads and newts will be looking out for a nice pond to lay some spawn and bring some cute little tadpoles into the world.

Now is the time to get ordering and get digging, especially during this boring lockdown! Gardenis sells;

3 sizes of preformed ponds, that are quick and easy to install.

Pond kits, in 3 sizes that include pond liner, underlay and a solar oxygenator

Pond liner and underlay in many sizes


just pond liner in various sizes.

All can help create a lovely pond in your garden that is not only a great place for garden wildlife, they also make an attractive focal point and relaxing feature.

All available in the ponds and water features section;

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Customer's Flat Top Arch

A customer with a fantastic garden recently ordered two flat top arches from He is painting both red to create an oriental part of the garden. Despite the gloom he has been busy and one is already in place and painted, the other will go in the space to the right. In a few months time when spring is here they will look great, surrounded by fresh new foliage, plants and flowers. 

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Lockdown 3 Garden Planning

Lockdown 3 - what better time than now to plan your garden projects for this year. 
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New Solar Water Features for Christmas

New solar water features have arrived and can be ordered and delivered in time for Christmas. Once Christmas is over it's only a few months before they can be used in the garden. No mains electric is required, and they look great on patio and decking. The cascade water feature is well suited to modern gardens, and the fairy water feature is a great choice for traditional and cottage gardens. Here is a video of the cascade. Both can be ordered in the pond and water features section;

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Our little Christmas ad for 2020

Here's our little Christmas ad for 2020, not quite the same marketing budget as Tesco's and John Lewis, haha but hopefully you might like the concept. Here it is....
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Autumn Composting

This time of year is always a popular time for composting, as there is so much garden plant matter to get rid of, as leaves fall, flowers die, and veg patches are cleared. 
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More Water Butt Sizes Available Again!

Great news, water butts that went out of stock are now available again, after a new production run has been complete by the manufacturer. They were very popular during lockdown, and they eventually became unavailable. 
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Wind Up Lantern with radio now available

Wind up lantern with in-built FM scan radio is now available. Great for dusky evenings in the garden or at the allotment.
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