Lockdown 3 Garden Planning

Lockdown 3 - what better time than now to plan your garden projects for this year. 
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New Solar Water Features for Christmas

New solar water features have arrived and can be ordered and delivered in time for Christmas. Once Christmas is over it's only a few months before they can be used in the garden. No mains electric is required, and they look great on patio and decking. The cascade water feature is well suited to modern gardens, and the fairy water feature is a great choice for traditional and cottage gardens. Here is a video of the cascade. Both can be ordered in the pond and water features section;

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Our little Christmas ad for 2020

Here's our little Christmas ad for 2020, not quite the same marketing budget as Tesco's and John Lewis, haha but hopefully you might like the concept. Here it is....
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Autumn Composting

This time of year is always a popular time for composting, as there is so much garden plant matter to get rid of, as leaves fall, flowers die, and veg patches are cleared. 
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More Water Butt Sizes Available Again!

Great news, water butts that went out of stock are now available again, after a new production run has been complete by the manufacturer. They were very popular during lockdown, and they eventually became unavailable. 
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Wind Up Lantern with radio now available

Wind up lantern with in-built FM scan radio is now available. Great for dusky evenings in the garden or at the allotment.
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Autumn Garden Pond Project

Autumn can be a good time to build a pond. Some years the weather is quite sunny and pleasant, and the ground can be softer, making it easier to dig a hole. A pond in autumn can look very calm and relaxing as it reflects the golden colours of the season. 
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Small and Medium Preformed Ponds Available Again

The good news is the micro 85 litre and medium 200 litre can now both be ordered again. 
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Water Butts in Stock

The following sized water butts are currently available;

168 litre water butt

227 litre water butt

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Covid delivery info

All large timber products, such as sheds etc are currently not available. The only wooden products available for delivery are garden arches.

Gravel and paving circles are currently not available.

Water butts and composters are available, but they are taking longer to deliver than normal times featured on the product pages. Eg, a 200 litre double water butt kit takes about 7 days usually, but might take up to 3 weeks at the moment due to couriers being very busy, slower warehouse dispatch due to social distancing and higher demand than normal. The two largest products the 350 litre water butt and the 330 litre composter do not go by courier as they are oversized, instead they go by haulier lorry network, Even in normal times they average about 14 days for delivery. Currently they could take up to 1 month.

Preformed ponds, pond liners, solar water features and solar pond fountains all have the fastest delivery times of everything for sale. In normal times they can be with customers next day. In some cases this is still happening, but with courier delays in some areas, it would be best to say 1 to 6 days for delivery at the moment. 

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