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Wildlife friendly plants for gardens in winter

Following on from the post about garden plants that can provide some flowers and colour over Christmas, here is an article about plants that can help wildlife over the coldest months of the year.
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Introducing the Perfect Solution for Creating a Beautiful Garden Pond this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, many people are searching for unique and meaningful gifts for their loved ones. This year, why not give the gift of nature with a preformed pond?
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Plume Thistle

Take a look at these Plume Thistles, aren't they gorgeous! Great for wide borders and easy to look after. Bees love them.And the best thing about them, is they are not spiky and thorny, they have smooth leaves and smooth stems, making them easy to manage


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Pond visitors

It's amazing what can visit small garden wildlife ponds. A pond really is the best thing you can add to your garden to make it wildlife friendly. Have a look at this page over at our niche pond website;

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Create a mini wildflower meadow

It is 'no mow May', a national campaign to not cut the grass, to let some wildflowers grow, and help pollinating insects. If you want wildflowers that will last for months, not just May, then here is some tips for creating a mini wildflower meadow in your garden.

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Raindrops DON'T keep falling on my head

I was just thinking earlier that it doesn't seem to have rained that much this winter, and also there seems to be a lot less wind. Where I live in Northumberland, It's always breezy (or gale force!), a still day is a rarity in autumn and winter. However, unless I am just imagining it, there seems to have been a lot of very still days and nights. No windy sounds over the roof at night.

Although, further north than the rest of England, it doesn't rain that much, like Cumbria to the west. The summer drought map showed the eastern half of the country was yellow regardless of whether it was north or south, and the west was greener. However, there is still plenty of wet days in winter, but this year it doesn't seem to have rained much. 

I just did a search in the news section, and there is a report from Norfolk, stating that, there might be hosepipe restrictions this summer, if it doesn't rain more soon. North Norfolk News 9th Feb 2023 - 'Data on the water authority's website shows reservoir storage is below target for this time of year, being 80.6pc full, and groundwater sources are said to be ‘below normal’.'

Last summer it went crazy with orders, when the govt announced a drought in parts of the country. After just a few days I had to stop selling for weeks (unfortunately), as the manufacturer was trying to keep up with making new ones, and these are not eggcups, they are big and bulky, and take time to move about warehouses, and the country. So, if you are considering getting water butts this year, my top tip is to order now or early spring, when it is a lot quieter, rather than wait until the grass is brown, the news is talking about hosepipe bans, and there is a big wait for delivery slots.

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Hoppy Christmas - Preformed Ponds


You can order preformed ponds here or on our niche site . They are a present that will last for more than just Christmas time, and will give the gift receiver years of pleasure. Perfect for anyone you know who likes wildlife and gardening. Even the small 85 litre preformed pond can attract frogs, and also, ponds are great for garden birds. The most popular size is the medium preformed pond (200 litres). 

Delivery is included and they are sent by courier, so should only take a few days to arrive, after ordering.

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Terrible for nature. Terrible for the environment.
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Can garden ponds attract ducks? Yes!

You might have thought a duck would never show up at a small garden pond, but they do! Here's the proof.
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How to attract Goldfinches to your garden.

Goldfinches are one of Britain's most beautiful birds. If you want to try and attract them to your garden, you can do the following 3 things;

1. Plant a pine or larch tree.

2. Add thistles and teasels to your garden borders. Goldfinches love eating the seeds from these plants.

3. Get some seeds and add them to a birdfeeder. (There is special mixes specifically made to attract goldfinches, the main seed they like is Niger seeds, but also like seeds such as linseed, and hempseed).

Goldfinch singing.

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