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Introducing the Perfect Solution for Creating a Beautiful Garden Pond this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, many people are searching for unique and meaningful gifts for their loved ones. This year, why not give the gift of nature with a preformed pond?
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Christmas Garden Gift Idea - Secateurs Tool Belt

secateurs belt

A gardeners tool belt to carry your mobile phone, rose secateurs, etc when you are out and about in the garden, when weeding and pruning.

More info and to buy online, click the link below;

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Christmas Garden Gift Idea - Extra Large Kneeling Mat

Kneeling mats seem to be one of the more popular items for gardening gifts. The good thing about this one, now available and ready to dispatch for delivery within a few days, is that it is much wider than most that are available. A lot of them are just the width of a person, so then the gardener is stuck in one place, unless they clamber up and move the kneeling pad along, which sort of defeats the purpose of them. This jumbo version allows the gardener to shuffle to the left and right, so they can access more of the border, without having to get up.

More info and to buy online, click on the link below;

Extra large kneeling mat - large gardening kneeling pad for weeding etc. –

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Christmas - Give a Frog a Pond this Christmas

Christmas Day is 3 months before the first day of astronomical Spring. Our amphibian friends are hibernating under rocks at the moment, so why not get a wildlife pond for Christmas
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Water Butts help protect rivers from sewage

Raw sewage is pouring into our rivers and coastal waters regularly, all across the country. The government got a lot of backlash this week when it voted down an amendment to the Environment Bill, that would have demanded water companies stop releasing sewage into our waters on a regular basis.

I've learnt quite a bit this week about the issue, and one thing stands out is that a major reason for the sewage releases is that the pipes can't cope after heavy rain, so the sewage is released into rivers, otherwise it would start flooding out onto residential streets from manholes. This is because the rainwater shares the same pipes as the sewage. I have made another post a month or so ago about how water butts can help prevent flash floods, and clearly they are a solution in reducing the chance of sewage spills. This is because, using my original example, of a 10,000 homes, if each are fitted with a 200 litre double water butt kit (the bestseller), then that would hold 2 Olympic swimming pools worth of water, after heavy rain. This means that all that rainwater is not going straight into the sewers, so it reduces the chance they will fill so quick, resulting in a raw sewage release into the rivers and coastal seas. 

I have not heard anyone mention this as a quick and easy solution to help the problem. Considering raw sewage is not just poop and wee, but anything that goes down the drains, including bleach, household cleaners, hair dye, medicines etc, it's a massive issue. Only 14% of English rivers are classed as being in a good ecological standard, according to the Ennvironment Agency in 2020. Yet another good reason to buy a water butt!

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Our little Christmas ad for 2020

Here's our little Christmas ad for 2020, not quite the same marketing budget as Tesco's and John Lewis, haha but hopefully you might like the concept. Here it is....
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Gardening Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are unsure what to get someone for Christmas, but you know they love their garden, then why not opt for a gardening gift? People seem to forget Christmas is just three months before the start of Spring and then there is seven months of the gardening season. A gift for the garden rarely disappoints. Here is 5 ideas for gift all £60 or under. All prices include UK mainland delivery.

100 litre compact water butt. £39 - Ideal for small homes with water meters. A practical gift for filling the watering can, it includes a water butt, diverter kit and plastic stand. 

Solar pond fountain with LED light - £57. This 250 litre pond fountain is powered by a solar panel, that recharges a battery. It can be used at night as well, and has an LED light to illuminate the fountain after dark.

Botanical print tote bag . £12 - A French Victorian botanical illustration on both sides. Four designs to choose from - Poppy, Cornflower, Carrot, Strawberry. Perfect for local shopping or for bring back veg from the allotment.

Brown metal tall planter. £43 - This planter is a nice addition to a patio or decking in front of a kitchen window. It can be planted with herbs, spring bulbs, summer annuals etc. 

Cast iron bird feeder. £19 - Available as a frog with an umbrella or a stork, as well as having a practical use as a bird feeder, they also make an attractive garden ornament.


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Gardening Christmas gifts

Gardenis has a new range of gift products, suitable for Christmas, all of which feature a French botanical illustration  from the Victorian era. The products are a white mug, natural tote shopping bag and a women's T-shirt, (sizes small to XXL). The four prints to choose from are; Strawberry, Carrot, Cornflower and Poppy. UK delivery is included and for just £3 extra they can be sent worldwide. An ideal Christmas gift for gardening and allotment enthusiasts. They can be ordered in the Gardening Gift category.

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