Christmas - Give a Frog a Pond this Christmas

Christmas Day is 3 months before the first day of astronomical Spring. Our amphibian friends are hibernating under rocks at the moment, so why not get a wildlife pond for Christmas, install it in Jan or Feb, let it fill naturally with rainwater, and give them a nice surprise when they awaken from their slumber!

I got this illustration made of a frog done for my niche site,


wildlife pond

Although its quiet at this time of year. Everyone is thinking about slippers, sherry and tech gadgets, which is a bit of a shame as I reckon a lot of people would love a pond for Christmas, but most people obviously don't consider it. Spring is the busiest time of year for the ponds, but really winter is the best time to get one. In spring by the time they are installed it can be too late for frogs to spawn in the pond, so then the person has to wait a whole extra year before some tadpoles might show up. Winter installation means it is ready to be found, as soon as the amphibians become active after winter.

There is two main choices - 

Preformed ponds, small medium or large, starting at £43, and wildlife pond kits, which are made up of pond liner, underlay fleece and solar oxygenator. There is 2 sizes and all are bigger than the largest preformed pond.


Preformed ponds

Wildlife pond kits