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Plants for a Christmas winter garden

It's amazing to think that it's possible to have a garden that has plants in full bloom on Christmas Day, at the height of winter, with such short, cold days. Here is some plants that are perfect for a winter garden. 
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Introducing the Perfect Solution for Creating a Beautiful Garden Pond this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, many people are searching for unique and meaningful gifts for their loved ones. This year, why not give the gift of nature with a preformed pond?
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The Garden and Nature Quiz Book

The Garden and nature Quiz Book is a selection of quizzes about gardening and nature.
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What are the benefits of having a water butt in autumn and winter?

Although the main benefit of having a water kit is to save water in summer, to water the lawn, veg patch and flowers. They do have some benefits in the autumn and winter months when there is a lot more rain. Firstly, if you have a water meter installed, you...

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How to grow citrus fruits in a cold climate

Citrus trees are not as cold hardy as most fruit trees, but there are a few varieties that can withstand colder temperatures. The cold hardiest citrus trees are the Kumquat, Satsuma mandarin, the Meyer lemon, and the Kaffir lime. These trees can tolerate temperatures as low as -9c (15F). Full...

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