Cold Hardy Palm Trees


Despite it's high latitude, the British Isles, thanks to the jet stream, bringing warm air across the Atlantic, has a much more temperate climate than other places at the same latitude, such as mid Canada. This means whilst they might have a hardiness classification of just 3 to 6, most of Britain and Ireland is at least 8, and coastal areas are even milder. This means that many plants, that are usually found in much warmer countries, can survive our winters. There are a few palm tree species that can grow well here. Click on the article below to read more about them. Gardenis has some new large planters available that are ideal for palms and other architectural plants. This can help give them a bit more frost protection, than just planting in the ground, and enables them to be moved inside a greenhouse in winter, if they are one of the plants less tolerant of cold temperatures. They can all be found in the Planters category.