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An introduction to water butts

If you have never considered a water butt, and don't know much about them.
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Wall Mounted Water Butt

One of he new water butts, available this year, is the wall mounted 105 litre water butt from Ecosure. It collects water from a drainpipe, and is ideal for small, new build home gardens, terrace backyards etc. 
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Hosepipe Ban - Kent & Sussex

WOW! A hosepipe ban has just been announced for Kent and Sussex. I can never recall a hosepipe ban so early in the summer, but then we have just had net migration of 1 million people in just the last 2 years. I worked it out that based on 150 litres average daily use per person (OFWAT) that is a yearly increase in demand equivalent to the UK's 9th largest reservoir. Do you think the water companies have built such a reservoir in the last 24 months? Of course not, so it just means the reservoirs we do have will be emptying faster. Strangely, no-one even considers this huge impact, people might mention traffic, GP waiting times, school class sizes etc, but not water.

So, if you want to water your garden order a water butt here!

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Water Butts - Good availability now

After a very busy late summer due to the drought conditions, the water butts are available again. The 200 litre double kit (400 litres in total) is the bestseller, and had to be put off sale for a while, to clear a backlog of outstanding orders. Everything is almost back to normal, so it is back on sale now, along with the 227 litre size, which had been out of stock.

If you are thinking of getting a water butt sometime in the coming year, please, if you can afford to, buy it over the autumn and winter. This is a quieter period, so deliveries are generally faster, and you can get it all set up for spring. Every year, everyone waits until it is summer, then orders, and this creates longer delivery times, as too many people order all at once. As you can imagine, a drought being declared in August, with hosepipe bans, made this a much bigger problem than normal.

Water butts can be ordered here;


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Water butt ideal for narrow alleys at the sides of houses

Water butts are a great way to save water, but for some home owners, the problem is a wide barrel is inconvenient, especially if the water butt is going to be attached to a down pipe that is on the side of a semi or detached house that has a narrow alley that adjoins the front and back gardens. The 100 litre water butt is a perfect solution. It is designed so it is tall and thin, leaving more space to get past it. It is also available as a double kit, so it holds a total of 200 litres, which is great for larger gardens. For more details and to order check out the 'Grow your Own' category.

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