Water Butts for Heatwave

Britain is experiencing a very warm period, with even higher temperatures expected. Now is a good time to order a water butt so you can get it fitted, so when it does rain some time during the summer you can capture the rainwater, rather than it go down the drain. If the summer remains hot it will start putting pressure on water supplies, and perhaps hose bans might come into force. 

I've just checked a few water company sites. North West reservoirs are currently 69.8% full overall. This contrasts with 78% this time last year. Rainfall for the month of June, 2022, was just 63% of the long term average in south-east England. Powdermill reservoir in the south of England is currently (7th July, 2022) 59% full.

The water butts come in the following sizes

100 litres slimline (Ideal for narrow side passages down the side of houses, or on a patio)

114 litres (Great for greenhouses, sheds and porches)

168 litres (A good size for small gardens, or low use requirements)

200 litres (Perfect for an average garden)

200 litre (double 100 litre slimline)

227 litres (Perfect for an average garden)

400 litre (double 200 litres (Great for a larger garden or higher use needs eg. Veg garden)

All can be ordered here;