Can garden ponds attract ducks? Yes! also has a niche website called, which sells the various types of pond available on this website, and aims to encourage people to make a wildlife pond in their garden. The two sites in the last two years have sold enough ponds that if the surface area was added together equates to a new small lake being added to Britain. Hopefully all these little ponds have created new mini habitats for frogs, toads etc, and they've been installed all over the country.

On youtube I came across a great video of a man in Lancashire who one day discovered two mallards in his average sized garden pond, soon they were joined by their family of about 10 ducklings. Just as they were reaching near adult size, a whole new batch of ducklings showed up. The pond was crammed with ducks! I wondered how common it was for a duck to show up at a garden pond, so did a search on Twitter, and found there was quite a few other people showing off their unexpected guests.

I've made a page (link below) showing the different examples, plus the youtube video mentioned above. So, if you love ducks, create a pond and cross your fingers.