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Sheds for small gardens

The best shed we sell for small gardens, or outdoor spaces, such as courtyards, terrace backyards etc is the 4ft x 3ft base. This is big enough for storing a few garden chairs, compost bags etc. It is £199 including delivery. The next size up from this one is 6ft x 4ft. Still small enough for gardens with limited space, but has more storage space. The 6ft x 4ft size shed is available in either standard, with a window, or as a windowless security shed. All three shed can be ordered in the garden buildings section.

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Shed for the Allotment

The 4 x 3 wooden shed is an ideal for the allotment, as it is windowless for extra security, and just big enough to store a few garden tools, without it taking up much space. You can get it delivered to your home, then take it to the allotment in a transit van. Two people should be able to carry the various sections to where it is going to be located. £199 including UK mainland delivery. More details and order HERE
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