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If you order a product from in March and then email a picture or short video clip 30 seconds to 2 minutes long of the product in place fully working or in place with your order details, that can be used on the product page as a customer image/video and on social media pages you can get a cashback refund of £5 for a photo and £10 for a video.

1. Do not feature any people in the photo.

2. The product image or video must be of the product in its finished state. eg. A medium preformed pond - the image / video should be of it in its hole with aquatic plants around it, not just a photo of it on the grass in your garden. A shed should be completed, not just in flat pack state on the patio.

Simply send your image or video to and once accepted, the cashback will be sent to you.

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Sheds for small gardens

The best shed we sell for small gardens, or outdoor spaces, such as courtyards, terrace backyards etc is the 4ft x 3ft base. This is big enough for storing a few garden chairs, compost bags etc. It is £199 including delivery. The next size up from this one is 6ft x 4ft. Still small enough for gardens with limited space, but has more storage space. The 6ft x 4ft size shed is available in either standard, with a window, or as a windowless security shed. All three shed can be ordered in the garden buildings section.

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