More Water Butt Sizes Available Again!

Great news, water butts that went out of stock are now available again, after a new production run has been complete by the manufacturer. They were very popular during lockdown, and they eventually became unavailable. Also, there was terrible delays with couriers over the summer, but most of these at the moment have been resolved. Delivery time for the smaller water butts is about 7 days, with 14 on average for the 200 litre, 350 litre and 330 litre composter. One thing that will continue is the 200 litre kit size which used to go by courier will still go by haulier network, as the courier is restricting the collection of them due to the size, so rather than a week, they will probably take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. 

The sizes now back on sale are;

100 litre water butt kit - This slimline water butt is popular for people who have narrow side paths down the side of the house, or a small garden. (Holds 10 average sized watering cans of water when full). This size however, can be ordered as a double kit, so 200 litres in that case.

114 litre water butt kit - ideal for collecting water from sheds and greenhouses, or for a small garden. (Holds 11 average sized watering cans of water when full).

200 litre water butt kit - This size is the most popular, as it is ideal for an average sized residential garden. The double kit is also very popular. (Holds 20 average sized watering cans of water when full, double kit holds enough water for 40 average sized watering cans).

All are available in the Grow Your Own section.

small water butt for garden