Autumn Composting

This time of year is always a popular time for composting, as there is so much garden plant matter to get rid of, as leaves fall, flowers die, and veg patches are cleared. All this garden waste is a valuable resource as it can make nutrient rich compost soil for your plant pots, patio planter and borders, next growing season. So rather than get it collected by waste disposal services, it make more sense to keep it for yourself. By adding to a composter now, the plant matter will start to decompose over the months ahead. Gardenis has 3 options, a 220 litre composter, ideal for small gardens, a 330 litre for larger gardens, and  600 litre insulated composter, that can increase composting speed over the winter, as composting takes place faster when it is warmer. 

Over the summer there was terrible delays as the hauliers were struggling to keep up with national demand for their services. However, things are currently a lot better and customers aregetting their composters in about 1 week for the 220 litre and 2 weeks for the larger sizes.

Green 220 and 330 litre composters can be ordered here;

Insulated 600 litre can be ordered here;