Wooden Tool Store 4 x 2

This 4 X 2 wooden tool store, is made from shiplap interlocking timber panels, which are sturdy and robust, and will keep the contents of the shed dry. Ideal for a small garden, to store some garden tools and accessories in.

Each wall is made using 12mm shiplap cladding, the slats interlock with each other to create a weatherproof seal that will protect the contents of the building from the weather. The floor and roof are manufactured using 9mm solid sheet board, a durable material that is suitable for day to day storage. Solid 1” x 1” wooden framing is installed on the rear of the panels to create a more rigid structure.

The store has a traditional pent roofline, so there is no need to worry about water sitting on the roof. Sand felt is supplied as standard to help further protect the roof against the elements, helping to prevent wood rot and decay.

INTERNAL DEPTH 0.74m (2ft 5”)
DEPTH 0.83m (2ft 8”)
INTERNAL WIDTH 1.33m (4ft 4”)
DOOR HEIGHT 1.66m (5ft 5")
DOOR WIDTH 1.33m (4ft 4”)
EAVES HEIGHT 1.27m (4ft 2”)
SIZE 4ft x 2ft (1.21m x 0.60m)
FRAMING 1" x 1" (27mm x 27mm)
WIDTH 1.45m (4ft 9”)
WINDOWS Windowless
HEIGHT 1.41m (4ft 7”)

It is recommended that timber garden structures are treated with a water based preservative once a year.

Self assembly required. Delivered in large sections.

England delivery included (Excluding South West England). For delivery to Scotland, Wales, or South West England, please contact for surcharge details.


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