30 Multi Draw Cabinet

This multi draw storage cabinet has 30 small draws and is great for storing small items. It can be used for storing stuff like nails, screws, nuts, bolts, etc for general DIY, or it can be used as a seed draw for gardeners, or for people who like crafting, and have buttons, zips etc to store, or anglers can use it to store fly feathers, wire etc.

It has 2 long tray draws at the base, with 4 larger draws above them, then 24 small square draws above them.

Made from durable plastic.

Please check measurements before ordering, to ensure it is large enough, as it is quite compact, and the photo makes it look big.

Dimensions: Length - 27cm (10.5") x Width 13cm (5") x Height 41.5cm (16.25").


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