Smaller Water Butts Are Available

Unfortunately, the 200 litre barrels are still delayed, due to a surge in demand following drought being declared in parts of the country. These were taken off sale to prevent the backlog growing out of control. 

The good news is the smaller sizes, which get delivered with a different courier, can still be ordered, and should be with customers within 7 to 14 days of ordering.

The following sizes are available;

114 litres water butt kit x 1

100 litres slimline water butt kit x 1

168 litres water butt kit x 1 (an option if you just want one barrel, and were going to order a 200 litre barrel. 32 litres less, but also cheaper. It would store water for this year, and you could always give/sell second hand to a friend next year and upgrade to a larger water butt kit, if you would prefer more water storage capacity).

100 litres slimline x 2 - 200 litre total, double kit x 1 (a good alternative to the 200 litre water butt kit that is currently unavailable)

All available in the grow your own section here;