Small and Medium Preformed Ponds Available Again

Unfortunately not long into lockdown, in Spring, the couriers stopped accepting the medium and large preformed ponds, as they were overwhelmed with orders nationwide and required more space in their vans. Other couriers were quoting very high prices. This was a real shame as so many frogs and toads missed out on finding a new home this year. Last summer customers bought loads of them and created new mini wetlands in their gardens, and this country needs many more considering the number of ponds over the last century has decreased dramatically.

The good news is the micro 85 litre and medium 200 litre can now both be ordered again. The courier delivery is now more expensive (but is included in the price), as the couriers still have higher demand than normal and are charging full prices, but at least they can now be delivered. So, why not get one for a late summer garden project, and at this time of year they can be left empty, so they can fill with natural rain water over autumn and winter, ready for Spring next year. 

The large 420 litre is still not available for delivery as the courier quote was very high, but this might change and as soon as it does, we'll notify everyone with a blog news update like this one.