Russia provides 20% of the world's timber = price rises

When the sanctions were announced, the media and politicians talked about some of the commodities that might be effected such as oil, gas, sunflower oil, potash for fertiliser, to name a few. However, there was no mention of one important commodity, timber.

At the time I did think about this, as I knew Russia grows a lot of the world's timber, and checked it out at the time, and found that 20% of timber is from Russia, so I thought soon enough prices would start rising.

Today I got an email from the shed manufacturer to say shed prices will be rising very soon, as the timber they get from Sweden, is grown in Russia, and just processed there. The demand on timber from outside of Russia, is pushing the price up. So, if you are interested in getting a wooden storage unit, wooden greenhouse, wooden shed, or garden arch, order ASAP, as the prices will all be going up this month. Unfortunately, the timber products were already a lot more expensive than before the pandemic began in 2020.

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