Christmas Garden and Nature Quiz

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Christmas Quiz


1. What country do Amaryllis bulbs originate from?



2. What Christmas decoration might you find growing in an apple tree?



3. The British Isles has one herd of Reindeer. Where can they be found?



4. Traditionally white Chess pieces are made from the wood from which type of tree?



5. Each year Bergen sends a Christmas tree to the people of Newcastle and the people of Oslo send a Christmas tree to London, in thanks for what?



6. What are Poinsettia flowers said to resemble?



7. What C can be added to Oranges to make a pleasant smelling Christmas decoration?



8. The tradition of burning a Yule Log, stretches back to when Pagans celebrated the Winter Solstice. In England, the log would usually be Oak, what type of log is traditionally used in Scotland?



9. For the UK to have an official White Christmas, according to the Met Office how much snow has to fall?



10. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s German husband made the tradition of having a Christmas tree indoors popular. In 1841 he put a tree up in which royal residence?



11. Christmas Bush is a plant with small green leaves and cream coloured flowers, that turn a deep red in the run up to Christmas. In which country is it often used as a decoration?



12.Norfolk Bronze is a type of what?



13. The Sandringham Estate, where the Queen spends Christmas, has a 20,000 acre estate. What product is it most famous for producing?



14. How many Christmas Cards were recycled by the Woodland Trust scheme in January 2008, was it; a. 12.8 million b. 34.7 million c. 49.3 million d. 73.6 million



15. According to the RSPB, the Robin is resident in the British Isles all year round, and does not migrate. Which summer migrant might pass for a Robin if it was to paint it’s chest red? It is slightly larger, hides out in thickets and sings a good tune.



16. Which type of Palm tree found in the Middle East produces a fruit often ate over the Christmas period?



17. Norway Spruce , Fraser Fir, Nordmann Fir, and Scots Pine are all sold as Christmas Trees. Which type is the most popular in the UK.



18. What type of bedding plant has a winter version that can survive the cold months?



19. What is placed in front of the Temperate Glasshouse at Kew Gardens over Christmas?



20. Bedford Fillbasket, Cromwell and Wellington are all types of what?











1. South Africa 2. Mistletoe 3. Cairngorms, Scottish Highlands 4. Holly 5. Help from Britain during WW2 6. The Star of Bethlehem 7. Cloves 8. Birch 9. One single snowflake within the 24 hour period 10. Windsor 11. Australia 12. Turkey 13. Apple Juice 14. d 15. The Nightingale 16. Dates 17. Nordmann Fir 18. Pansies 19. Ice rink 20. Brussel Sprouts

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