Edible Herbs for Planters

Planters are perfect for growing a range of edible herbs right next to your kitchen door, so they can be freshly picked and added to your recipes. Here are a few ideas for herbs that can be grown in planters.

Rosemary - Native to Mediterranean countries, Rosemary is very drought tolerant and is used to flavour roast Lamb.

Thyme - Like Rosemary, native to the Mediterranean, robust and can grow in British gardens, requiring very little water. It can also be used to marinade Lamb.

Chives - Very easy to grow. They can be grown from seed or a division from a clump already growing. Cut the stems with scissors. Chop the stems to add to dips or a baked potato with butter. If the flowers are allowed to grow, then these are also edible and can be added to salads or as plate decoration.

Mint - Mint can be invasive and compete with other herbs in the planter. One way to contain it, and stop it from taking over, is to keep it planted in a plant pot and add to the compost. This will prevent the roots from spreading. Mint sauce is a popular condiment with a roast lamb dinner. But is nice even with a vegetarian nut roast, or other types of meat. Sprigs of mint can be added to hot water to make a mint tea, or added to cocktails.

Chamomile - This plant has attractive daisy like flowers and can be cut and added to hot water to make a tea. It is traditionally used to calm anxiety.


Picture above, is a barrel planter, perfect for a mini kitchen herb garden. £159 including UK mainland delivery. To see and order other suitable planters see HERE.