XL Propagator

This extra large propagator is perfect for the busy gardener, with lots of seeds to germinate, or cuttings to grow. 

Injection moulded robust plastic.

High lid for plenty of space for fast growing plants.

The base tray does not have drainage holes, as most users prefer to fill the propagator with smaller trays or pots, and the tray can hold some water to prevent them drying out. 

However, like the photo, the tray can have compost added directly to the tray, and grow seeds in it. If it used like this, just take care with watering, to prevent the soil from becoming waterlogged. A mist sprayer is a good way to water, without adding too much water to the compost.

Tw closeable vents to help control temperature and humidity.

Dimensions: Length - 58cm (23") Width - 40.5cm (16") Height - 22.5cm (9")


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