Stream Waterfall Kit with solar pump

This stream / waterfall kit is a great addition to a garden pond. The kit includes a solar powered pump, 2 metre hose and a black preformed plastic stream. 

The 200 litres per hour solar powered pump has a solar panel on a cable, with lithium battery. This powers the pump so it can be used during the day and night. No mains electricity required. It has LED lights. The pump has attachments so it can create a traditional sprinkle fountain, or the water can be used to create a small stream water fall. A hose (2 metre in length) is attached to the pump in a pond, the end is placed at the rear of the stream, so water continuously travels along the stream.

Stream dimensions;

Length 74cm x width 60cm (2'6" x 2')

The stream can be placed on flat ground so it pours into the pond like a stream. It can be placed on a gradient so the water rushes down the stream like a rocky hillside water cascade, or it can be placed level at a raised height eg. 30cm so the water falls from the end like a waterfall.

The moving water will create a tranquil sound and also help add some oxygen to the pond.

UK delivery included. 

Delivery - Approx 1 to 3 working days.


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