Solar water fountain 250

This small pond fountain works in direct sun only, with no battery for night use or when it is overcast and rainy. It is a nice fountain for a small pond or patio pond feature, for example a half whisky barrel with water lillies. When the sun is shining the solar panel will create electricity and power the pump, that then makes a 30cm / 1ft high fountain.

    • Pump dimensions:
      * Length: 6.5cm
      * Width: 4cm
      * Height: 3cm

    • Solar panel dimensions:
      * Length: 17cm
      * Width: 13cm
      * Depth: 4cm

    • Voltage: 8v

    • Wattage: 1.5w

    • Power cable length: 5m

    • Flow rate: 250lph

    • Physical height from base of pump to top of fountain: 26cm

    • Fountain height: 30cm

    • Outlet: 8mm

    UK delivery included. 


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