Solar pond fountain - 1600 litres

This fantastic large solar powered pond fountain can create a fountain up to 6ft in height, and also has a fountain head to create a dome of water. No mains electricity required, so it can be set up quickly and easily, and in places with no accessible electricity. It has a solar rechargeable battery, which means it can be used at night as well, and there is LED lights included that illuminate the water.

    • Pump dimensions: 
      * Length: 12cm
      * Width: 6cm
      * Height: 6cm

    • Solar panel dimensions: 
      * Length: 36cm
      * Width: 29cm

    • Control box dimensions:
      * Length: 13cm
      * Width: 10cm
      * Height: 15cm

    • Voltage: 12-18v

    • Wattage: 20w (2 x 10w panels)

    • Power cable length: 5m

    • Maximum flow-rate: 1,600lph

    • Physical height from base of pump to top of fountain: 34cm

    • Maximum fountain height: 1.8m (6')

    • Maximum water lift: 2.7m

    • Battery pack and control unit (12V lead-acid)

    • Features 'Bell' and 'Tiered' fountain display options

    UK delivery included. 


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