Small table top water feature - cascade

This attractive indoor mains powered tabletop water feature is a fantastic contemporary ornament for your conservatory, hallway, living room, bedroom or study. The mini water feature creates the relaxing sound of trickling water, that can help you relax when studying, meditating, or just relaxing with a book, or drink.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese traditional practice all about creating balance, harmony, natural flow and energy to improve your mood, well-being, and inner strength. 

For those interested in Feng-shui, the area for good feng-shui, where you can place your fountain, is the north corner, as it represents water elements.  A hallway is a great spot too, however ensure that the water flow of the indoor fountain is going towards the inside of your home to encourage the positive energy to stay in and not to flow back outside. 

The soothing sound of trickling or falling water is a peaceful, serene sound that can help you relax. If you listen to the sound, especially while meditating, it can also help you release any tension or stress you may hold onto.


  • Built-in Lighting to illuminate the water feature.
  • Pump Included - Flow/Rate Control - 
  • Mains electric powered with plug.
  • User manual included.
  • Dimensions 18cm tall x 13cm wide and 13cm depth.
  • Relaxing sound of water moving
UK delivery included. Usually arrives a few days after ordering.


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