Pond underlay fleece

This pond underlay fleece is available in 2 sizes, and is great for helping to protect your pond liner from sharp stones on the ground. Cover the area you are placing the pond liner with the fleece sections is easy to do and lessens the chance of a pond liner tear once it is full of water.

The fleece is heavy 200gsm needled felt.

2 x 5 metre fleece
  • 10 sqm

  • Weight -  200gsm

2 x 8 metre fleece

  • 16sqm

  • Weight -  200gsm

You can select either quantities of 1 size or a mix of both. Find out what surface area your pond, including depth then buy enough fleece to cover it. For example;

80 square metre pond surface - 5 of the 2x8m (16 sqm x 5 = 80 sqm)
56 square metre pond surface - 3 pieces of 2x8m and 1 piece of 2 x 5m (16 sqm x 3 = 48sqm plus 10sqm = 58 sqm).

Courier tracking is added to the order when it is dispatched.
Delivery is usually 3 to 5 working days.


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