Pond Liner - various sizes

Creating your own garden pond is a great project for your garden, whether it be in the city, or countryside. A garden pond is fantastic for wildlife, and can also be used to keep ornamental fish, if a pump and filter is added. (not included). This listing is for flexible pond liner, available in a range of sizes. It can be used to create a pond exactly to the size, shape and depth of your requirements. Sizes listed are the size of the liners when flat with no depth, so remember to factor this into your measurement. A 4 x 4m liner will not make a 4 x 4m pond, as material will be used for its depth, making the surface area smaller. If the pond is 50cm deep the 4mx4m pond liner will create a 3m x 3m pond. If you require pond underlay as well as pond liner, see the other product page where liner can be ordered with underlay included.
Pond liner - Liner Thickness: 0.35mm. Manufactured out of LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) sandwiched between two coatings of UV resistant - if the liner gets punctured the hole will not 'run'.

4x 3m / 12sqm pond liner
4 x 4m / 16sqm pond liner
5 x 4m / 20sqm pond liner
5 x 5m / 25sqm pond liner
6 x 5m / 30sqm pond liner
6 x 6m / 36sqm pond liner
7 x 5m / 35sqm pond liner
7 x 6m / 42sqm pond liner
8 x 3 / 24sqm pond liner
8 x 6m / 48sqm pond liner
8 x 8m / 64sqm pond liner
9 x 7m / 63sqm pond liner
9 x 9m / 81sqm pond liner
10 x 6m / 60sqm pond liner
10 x 8m / 80sqm pond liner
10 x 10m / 100sqm pond liner
11 x 8m / 88sqm pond liner
12 x 9m / 108sqm pond liner
13 x 10m / 130sqm pond liner
15 x 10m / 150sqm pond liner
15 x 15m / 225sqm pond liner

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