Pond Filter 4500

Effective yet compact pond filter that can be buried and can keep a body of water up to 4500 litres clean. 

No need to take the lid off this filter - simply move the rocker switch from 'clean' to 'waste' and the pump water switches direction creating a backwash to flush debris to waste.


EasyClean function.
Built-in 7w UVC.
Includes gradiated foams for mechanical filtration.
Includes a chamber of biomedia for biological cleaning.
Pop-up cleaning indicator lets you know when sponges need a main clean.


Hosetail: 20mm,25mm,32mm
UV Size: 7w
Max Flow Rate (lph): 3000
Power Cable Length (m): 5
Max Pond Size - 4500 litres
UV Wattage - 7 w
Inlet Size - 12-25 mm

UK delivery included. 

Delivery time approx 1 to 2 working days.


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