Pebble Pool Kit with solar pump

This pebble pool kit has everything you need to create an attractive pebble pool feature in your garden or backyard.

The pebble pool reservoir - Add the pump inside, fill with water, then cover with decorative pebbles.

  • 63cm Diameter. x 20cm Deep

  • Max Load = 25kg

The 200 litres per hour solar powered pump has a solar panel on a cable, with lithium battery. This powers the pump so it can be used during the day and night. No mains electricity required. It has LED lights. The pump has attachments so it can create a traditional sprinkle fountain, or the water can just gush over the pebbles (not included.) The water then falls into the pebble pool reservoir and the water will be pumped up to the surface, so the water moves continuously. A great water feature for the side of a patio / decking, in the middle of raised border, near a garden pond etc.

UK delivery included. 

Delivery - Approx 1 to 3 working days.


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