Goldfish Garden Pond - Solar filter, fountain and pond

If you have always liked the idea of having a goldfish pond in your garden, this pond kit is perfect. Setting it up is quick and easy. The set includes a 420 litre preformed pond and solar powered pond filter and fountain. It is large enough to keep about 10 to 15 goldfish in it. (It is not suitable for larger fish such as Koi, as these create a lot of waste, which requires a more powerful filter). Simply dig a hole for the preformed pond, then plants some aquatic plants, then fill with water, and add the pond filter and fountain. Place the solar panel in a sunny position, near the pond then it is ready for you to buy some goldfish.

If you have a hard surface backyard or courtyard, and think its not possible to add this goldfish pond, then one option is to buy some timber and make a raised bed. Fill with compost then create a hole large enough to add the preformed pond. Add some aquatic plants in the remaining space, to create a beautiful garden feature.


420 litre preformed pond

Manufactured from high density polyethylene.

  • Length: 163cm
  • Width: 122cm
  • Depth: 37cm
  • Max Pond Size - 420 litres

Solar filter and fountain

Provides filtration for a pond without the need for main electricity. Whilst there is no UVC unit, the filter comes wtih plenty of foam and Bio media to provide a good level of Mechanical and Biological filtration. Solar panel and cable included.

The pump fits inside the box and the whole box is submerged. 

  • Contains - 1 x Plastic Box Filter
  • 6 x Foam Pieces
  • 2 x Fine Media Nets
  • 1x Solar fountain 300 Pump, complete with fountain attachments
  • Dimensions - 30 x 21 x 16cm

  • Fountain to create the relaxing sound of moving water and helps provide oxygen to the pond.

UK delivery included.

Delivery time - 1 to 3 working days.

TEN POUND CASHBACK! - Send a photo to our email address (see contact page) of your goldfish pond up and running, with fish in it, after you have ordered, and we'll refund you £10 as a thanks, if we can use it in our image gallery.


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