Garden pond pump and filter - 3000 litres

Garden pond pump and filter set for a garden pond up to 3000 litres in volume. The pond set will keep ponds healthy and clean for fish, and the fountain makes a great feature and creates the relaxing sound of moving water.


MightyMite Pond Pump 2500

45w running costs.
Tool-free access to impeller.
Dimensions; Length 20.3cm x Width 21.4cm x |Depth 10.3 cm

Hosetail: 20,25,32mm
Watts: 45
Max Flow Rate (lph): 2500
Power Cable Length (m): 10
Max Head Height (m): 2.7

SpinClean 4500 Pond Filter

Turn the exernal handle to agitate the internal sponges. This super easy-clean feature reduces the frequency of a full clean. The dislodged waste exits the filter via the waste outlet.

Solid build quality.
Tap on waste discharge valve stops any leaks.
UVC working indicator.
Waste indicator pops up when sponges need cleaning.

Hosetail: 20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm
UV Size: 11w
Watts: 11
Max Flow Rate (lph): 3000
Power Cable Length (m): 5

25mm Hose x 5m Length

Flexible, ribbed PVC pond hose


Smooth bore - minimal flow restriction
Will not kink or split
Convenient 5m length will suit most ponds

25mm Clips - Yellow Tab - Quad Pack

Zinc Plated, will not corrode
Easy to tighten

Suitable for outdoor Goldfish.

Filters and pumps are designed to be permanent fixtures and as such should be hard wired into an outdoor electrical switch box by an electrician or a competent person. All equipment is plugless.

UK delivery included. Approx 1 to 3 working days for delivery.


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