Electric Propagator - 8w

This electric propagator with an 8 watt heated base is great for getting flower, vegetable, herb and ornamental plant seeds to germinate, and start growing. They can then be transplanted and grown on in some pots, before planting out in the garden.

8 watt heated base. This heated propagator is ideal for seeds and cuttings.

Injection moulded growing tray and crystal clear high dome vented cover to create optimal growing conditions.

Simple non thermostatic control unit.

Economical to run, the 8 watt heated base uses just one sixth of the power of a standard household light bulb.

The electric base provides warmth which aids fast germination and supports young plant development.

The crystal clear high top cover with adjustable vent enables the control of ideal humidity conditions.

Robust injection moulded rigid plastic to give many years of repeat use.

The growing tray features 'two tier' drainage and capillary holes which aid healthy root development while the clear cover gives a full 12cm of height clearance.

Dimensions - Length - 38.5cm (15in) / Width - 24cm (9.5in) Height 20cm (8in)

UK delivery included.


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