380 Litre Water Butt Planter - various colours

The 380 Litre water butt planter, 'Big City' made by Ecosure, is a quality large plastic water butt planter ideal for medium sized gardens. Available in a range of colours to suite different garden and house types. When full, the 380 litre water butt will hold the equivalent of 38 x standard 10 litre watering cans, which can be a real help when it is dry in summer. A great choice if you want to make the water butt a garden feature. The planter bowl at the top can be filled with summer annuals, or planted with some perennial herbs, such as Lavender and Rosemary, for example.

  • Comes complete with tap, shut off valve and rainwater diverter.
  • Frost proof in winter; plastic will not crack
  • Shape maintained when full of water
  • Robust, heavy duty product; industrial strength
  • Opaque plastic reduces algae growth in sunlight
  • Rotationally moulded polymer for strength & durability
  • Made from Industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene)
  • 2 x ½'' brass threaded outlets
  •  The high quality brass tap fits into the raised threadform and can be used to fill a watering can. A shut off valve with hose connector is supplied for the bottom back outlet.
  • The drainpipe diverter fits standard 68mm round and 65mm square downpipes.
  • Raised ½'' brass threaded outlet for a watering can
  • Bottom ½" brass threaded outlet to drain the reservoir completely
  • No lid. (enclosed water chamber.)
  • Made in Britain.

Everything is included for the water butt kit. Some simple DIY is required to set the water butt up. You will need a saw to create a gap in the plastic downpipe you are going to fit the diverter kit to. You will also need a drill (not included) to drill a hole into the side of the water butt,for the diverter kit pipe. Drill bit is included.

Planting bowl size - Diameter 57cm, Depth 17.5cm

Dimensions - Height 148cm, Diameter / Width at top 67.5cm, Diameter / Width at bottom 52cm

Capacity - 380 litres.

Weight - 15 KG

UK (£78) delivery included in the price. *Some non standard delivery postcodes in Scotland Wales and parts of England have a surcharge for delivery.

Delivery is typically 3 to 7 days after ordering.


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