3 LED Pond Lights

Add colour and ambience to your garden at night with these 3 submersible LED garden pond lights. They are mains powered, and include coloured lenses to create different coloured light in the water. They can be placed in the pond water are out the water, on the pond edges. 


  • 3x 1w LED Spotlights
  • 12V safety transformer
  • Includes weighted tripod stand and suction pads for easy placement
  • Ground stakes also included
  • Includes coloured lenses for change of effect (green, red, blue, orange)
  • Power cable length: 0.5m from indoor plug to transformer, 2.8m to first light, then 1.2m to second light

The price is for 3 lights with delivery included. Choose quantity 1 for 3 lights, 2 for 6 lights etc.

UK delivery included. 


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