Recycled Plastic Composter 220 litre / 330 litre - Green or Black

Available in green or black and 220 litre or 330 litre the composter is made from recycled plastic and is ideal for creating garden compost. The 220 litre is suitable for small gardens and the 330 litre composter for larger gardens. Simply add your garden cuttings and vegetable scraps from the kitchen and it will turn to nutrient rich compost that can be added to vegetable gardens and flower borders. This can improve the condition of the soil and ensure good plant health.

  • Push fit wind proof lid
  • Removable front hatch
  • Produced from recycled plastic, requires no assembly.
  • British made

220 litre composter dimensions - 90 cm height x 74cm diameter.

330 litre composter dimensions - 100cm height x 80cm diameter.

GREAT USE OF RECYCLED PLASTIC! The composter is made from 100% recycled plastic and this comes from both consumer waste and industrial waste. For consumer waste, these are plastics which are collected at the kerbside by councils. The post industrial waste is things like scrap from plastic companies, old gas pipes when replaced by utilities companies, old wheelie bins, car bumpers, etc.).

220 litre composter - UK mainland delivery included (excluding Scottish Highlands)

330 litre - Unfortunately, currently the haulier will not deliver to Scotland, Wales or N Ireland. 

Everywhere else delivery is included in the price.

Delivery time is approximately 14 to 28 days (They are oversized for standard couriers, so are sent via local hauliers, which takes longer, but is much more affordable).

Bases are available for an additional charge, select when ordering.


5 reasons to buy a compost bin

Save money on compost. Making your own compost from garden waste means you won't need to buy heavy bags of compost from the garden centre.
Save money on garden waste removal. Many councils charge an annual fee to take away your garden waste in a brown wheelie bin. This is then used to make compost elsewhere. When you have your own composter, it means you get to make the compost, which you can use in your garden, and you can save money, as you won't need to use brown wheelie bin collection service.
Improve your garden or allotment soil quality. Compost made from your compost bin is full of rich nutrients, and can help improve the quality of the soil in your garden borders and vegetable patch.
Help the environment. The compost bin is made from recycled plastic from household waste, old car bumpers etc. Creating useful products from waste plastic reduces the amount sent to landfill.
Made in Britain. British made, you will be supporting UK manufacturing jobs.




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