1850 Litre Garden Koi Pond - Black

The 1850 Litre Garden Koi Pond - Black, made by Ecosure, is a robust plastic koi pond suitable for koi fish. This rectangle preformed pond is perfect for a centre focal point in a variety of garden types, but especially city, modern and formal/Italian gardens.

  • Seamless one piece mould.
  • Black food grade polymer, safe for fish.
  • MDPE plastic 
  • Frost proof, will not crack in the cold.
  • Opaque plastic reduces algae growth in sunlight.
  • Smooth walls ideal for koi fish.
  • Made in Britain

Although designed for koi fish, it can alternatively, be used to create a wildlife pond. However it has no ledges, or shallow end, so you would have to create these using a log, rocks etc.

Dimensions - Length 228cm (7.48 foot), Width 168cm (5.51 foot), Height 84cm (2.75 foot)

Capacity - 1892 litres.

Made in Britain.

UK delivery included. 

Delivery is usually 5 to 10 days.

Price includes £250 shipping charge to standard area postcodes.

IMPORTANT! - The pond will only be delivered to the front of a property. If it is for a back garden you will need to have space to get it there. This is fine if you have a wide side garden, If it is a narrow passage it will depend on the depth of the pond and if there is corners. The pond being rigid will not be able to be squeezed around corers. If this is the case, underlay fleece and pond liner is recommended. If your garden is at the end of a road, one possibility is to take fence panels down, to take the pond into the back garden, then re-erect them.

SAFETY! If the house has young children going into the garden deep ponds should be kept in a fenced off area that they can only access with adult supervision, or buy pond liner and make a wildlife pond 30cm max depth.


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