Wind up and solar powered lantern with radio

This wind up lantern torch with integrated scan FM radio with a crank handle means you will never have to bother buying disposable batteries again, and your radio will never be out of power, it's great for using inside tents when camping, or in the garden or allotment shed. Just crank the handle for immediate power, and placing in sunlight during the day will also top the battery up. The radio scans for FM radio channels. There is an emergency alarm, in case you are lost while hiking, and the crank can also be used in emergencies to charge mobile phones.

Powerful LED lantern with 2 brightness modes
Integrated FM scan radio

Integrated solar panel

3.5mm jack for headphones (not included), so you can listen to the radio without disturbing other people.


Turning the handle at a pace of about 2 revolutions per second for 1 minute will provide enough power for;

6 minutes of light with 8 LED high power option.

13 minutes of light with 4 LED low power option.

2 minutes of alarm time.

3.5 minutes of radio time.


Place the lantern in a bright/sunny position and the solar cell will recharge the battery.

30 minutes of solar charging will provide enough power for;

7 minutes of light with 8 LED high power option.

15 minutes of light with 4 LED low power option.

4 minutes of radio time.

3 minutes of alarm time.


Connect the USB cable with the DC in port and with the USB port of your computer or charger (not included). Charge time for full charge by USB is around 10 hours.

Before first use add the 3 rechargable AAA batteries to the base of the lantern. As well as recharging to power the lantern and radio, they can be recharged and removed to use in other gadgets.

To recharge a mobile phone attach your phones USB cable and crank the handle at 3 turns per second.

Handle for carrying or hanging from string in a tent, or nail in the shed.
Emergency charger for mobile phone and emergency alarm
Dimensions; 27.2 x 10.8 x 10.6 cm

Comes in printed box.

UK delivery included. Courier tracking will be added to your order to notify you when it is dispatched. 



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