Pond liner and fleece underlay 4 x 4m / 16sqm pondliner AND 1 fleece 2 x 8m

Pondliner and quality fleece to create a garden pond, for either wildlife or goldfish. This size is a good size for an average sized residential garden.

The size listed is the size of the liner when flat with no depth, so remember to factor this into your measurement. A 4 x 4m liner will not make a 4 x 4m pond, as material will be used for its depth, making the surface area smaller. A depth of 40cm will make it more like 3m x 3m surface area.

Pondliner - Liner Thickness: 0.35mm. Manufactured out of LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) sandwiched between two coatings of UV resistant laminate. Tear resistant - if the liner gets punctured the hole will not 'run'.

Fleece underlay - made from heavy, 200gsm needled felt, this helps protect the liner from sharp stones in the ground. The fleece rolls sent will have enough material to protect all of the pondliner.

4 x 4m / 16sqm pondliner AND 1 fleece 2 x 8m

UK delivery (including Northern Ireland)

Delivery 1 to 3 working days.


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