4500 Litre Garden Pond Kit

This pond kit is a great way to add a good sized garden goldfish pond to your garden without much complication.This kit has everything you need to create a pond and with a pump and filter chosen that is suitable for the size of the pond. Th pond kit includes underlay, liner, filter, pump, and pipe. It's perfect for keeping some beautiful fish in your garden, that will give hours of pleasure.

The project set includes:
The PondXpert FlowMaster Pond Pump 3500 which can handle solid particles of dirt up to 5mm.
The PondXpert EasyFilter 4500 - a pressurised UV filter that sieves out the dirt pushed into it from the pump.
Pond Hose and Clips to join everything together nice and tight.
A durable PondXpert Flexiliner 5x4m pond liner.
Twenty square metres of pond liner underlay.
· Kit to create pond sized 11 feet x 7 feet x 2 feet deep.
· Kit to create pond sized 3.5m x 2.2m x 0.6m deep.
· Final pond will hold 4500 litres (approx 1000 gallons).
· Pond Pump - FlowMaster 3500 - Max flow 3500 litres per hour.
· Pond Filter - EasyFilter 4500 with UVC to stop water going green.
· Pond Lining- Flexiliner LDPE liner 5x4m Pond Liner Underlay - PondXpert Basic Underlay 20sqm.
· Pond Hose - Black flexi-hose 5m x 25mm (1 inch). 25mm Easy-Tightening Pond Clips

Suitable for outdoor Goldfish, Golden Orfe and Shubunkins. Similar to Goldfish. Golden Orfe as the name suggests are golden yellow in colour. They can grow to about 1.5ft (46cms) in length, are quite thin bodied and can live for up to 20 years. Adult Shubunkins are about 10 to 15 inches in length, they are mottled in colour, white, black and orange and have fantails. They can also live many years. A couple of Koi can also be kept in the pond, but not fully stocked with Koi, as they poop loads and will over work the filter.

Filters and pumps are designed to be permanent fixtures and as such should be hard wired into an outdoor electrical switch box by an electrician or a competent person. All equipment is plugless.

UK delivery included. Approx 1 to 3 working days for delivery.


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